Integrate 'Add Log Fields' into 'Log Message'

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So as many of you know if I want to log specific fields that will be used in kibana’s charts I have to use ‘Add Log Fields’ activity to declare those fields with specific values. They will be written in logs only after using ‘Log Message’ activity. This is already complicated and if we think about updating the log field value for adding it into logs multiple times in a process, this will complicate the problem even more.

Another problem that we have is the large number of activities that don’t bring much value.

Considering all of these, I suggest removing ‘Add Log Fields’ activity and extending ‘Log Message’ activity features so that it can log certain fields.

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Bogdan Popescu


I do not agree…from a structure/project organization perspective.

Let’s say you want to do some changes and you want to search all the places in the project where you have added log fields. If you combine them into LogMessage you will not be able to reach to them.

Just use all the AddLogFields once in an initialization workflow when process start.

…or I’m missing something.

@badita The problem with your approach is that once you use the Add Log Fields and provide some values, these values are going to be logged. You can not change the values without using again the Add Log Fields activity and overwrite the values provided first. Log Message wit, let’s say “New fields” collection property will make everything much easier.

I’m not saying we should remove the Add Log Fields because this is how you can add new fields to the default logs (when the process starts and when the process ends), but we should implement this functionality in the Log Message activity



Hi There,
I did not understand how to do this. Can you please make me understand the integration of both?

I agree, keeping “Add Log Field” but having the option to do this directly into a singular log message.