Installed Studio but Opened StudioX Instead

We installed Studio from Orchestrator for a new RPA Developer (not Citizen Developer) on our team, but when they open UiPath Studio it opens StudioX instead. During setup, which I believe was 2020.10.4, we didn’t see anything specific to installing one or the other; I figured Studio/StudioX opened based upon provisioning this new user in the Orchestrator tenant with a Robot Access of “RPA Developer” rather than “Citizen Developer”. I couldn’t find any other specific guidance on why StudioX is opening rather than Studio - does anyone know how to force open UiPath Studio rather than StudioX? I’m tempted to uninstall the current version and reinstall the current FTS release for 2020.4.3.

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Hello @mark.bullard ,

If you go to UiPath Settings, can you change to Studio Pro or Studio?

Till now, I didn’t encounter to not be able to change from StudioX to Pro or Studio.

I hope it helps.


Hi @mark.bullard ,

Open up studiox and try this, as shown in the screenshot below…

You can change here:

Thank you @wasea , @kantheshm , and @moenk for the guidance - this solved our issue! Hopefully this will be a resource for anyone having this issue in the future. I appreciate everyone’s guidance.

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