Install package failure System.Data.DataSetExtensions

System.Data.DataSetExtensions - this reference/package is not working, failure while install.
Studio Version: 2022.10.3
It was working fine in earlier version.

What can be done to solve this issue?


Thanks in advance !!

HI @Rohit_More

I don’t think so it can be able accessible

In my environment also in both Windows and Windows legacy project has the sample issue


@Gokul001 Thanks

How can we resolve this issue? any idea?

I have no idea on that. Can you tell us why do you need this package ? what are you need to achieve b y using this package?

I have datatable, I want to fetch the row where the specific column value matches to a string value

HI @Rohit_More

In this case you can try with Look Up data Table activity


Hello @Rohit_More

It seems to be a compatibility issue between the package and the studio version. Either you have to get the updated version of this custom library or you have to use the default packages provided by Uipath.

Is this library published by your team?


This package is already in the Uipath @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

Then it’s difficult to get the updated version unless the uploader updates the library.

@Rohit_More better to go with the Uipath default activities.


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HI @Rohit_More

You can go ahead with the Uipath activities to get the expected result.

Try with Look up data table activity

we do not need to reference an additional package. When the dataset extensions are not recognized we do for (at least Windows Legacy):


And also keep in mind the following (Windows, .Net 5,6…:

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

Reference is added when installed the package, have checked it.
.CopyToDataTable is not giving any error when type manually, but it is not returning any resulting row

we would recommnend to clear analysisng steps:

  • remove the references to all unneeded packages and cleanup imports i needed
  • setup assembly entries in the XAML when needed

Do your modelling / implementation

When an issue occurs then check and make a separation:

  • is it about the infrastructure (e.g. method not found)
  • is it working, but the result is different from expected output.

For further discussions also let us know what is in use:

  • targetframework
  • UIPath Studio Version
  • UiPath.System.Activites version