Inserting rows taking log time

Hi All,

I just need some help in inserting rows in excel. am trying to insert almost 10000 rows in excel, the process is running, but it takes 30 minutes to insert the empty rows. anyway to achieve this shorter time?

How are you inserting the rows? Do you have a datatable that you are trying to insert?
Manually how much time does it take to insert?

@Rocki_Jan Thanks for your reply,

am using insert rows activity to insert. Manually i am able to do it within 2 mins.

as the bot inserting the rows one by one, its taking time i believe.

Any reason y u r inserting 1 by 1? build the datatable and insert it at once. It would be much faster

Yes, as Rocki said you have to build a datatable, as you have 10k records. :slight_smile:

i do have some data in footer, i do need insert the rows between. :frowning:
am not inserting one by one, it look like bot is doing like that. (visually)