Insert vs Bulk insert

Hello guys. Im facing a problem and can’t seem to figure out how to solve it. Im trying to insert a datatable to SQL table. While using insert, it works perfectly, but using bulk insert i get an error, that the columns from my data table dont match the formats of the SQL table. How can it be? I am using the same data table that i used with insert.


Bulk insert: The provided columns in the DataTable do not match the column data types in the database.

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Hi @Povilas_Jonikas ,
You have to make sure the data type of each column should exactly match with SQL data columns
You can use a build data table with column types as need and first test with adding a single row

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Thanks for the response, but you see, i dont get the problem with column types, because using “Insert”, the column types are matching, but when using bulk insert, the column types stop matching. I did a test - wrote 2 workflows, exactly the same with the same data that needs to be inserted, but one workflow had Inesert activity, other had bulk insert. The one with insert was succseful, but the one with bulk insert wasn’t, because the column types stoped matching. How can it be? The data that is importing is the same in both workflows. Both workflows read data from an excel file and try to insert it.

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