Insert Datatable, Occurrence index -- Int to String

Hi, I am using the Insert Datatable activity for Word. According to this document It says OccurrenceIndex must be an Int32 variable.

However, when I am using this activity in UiPath Studio, it is expecting a String instead.

Either way, if I specify either a String or an Int32, the activity does not work. How do I resolve this issue?


test.doc (12.3 KB) insertDatatable.xaml (6.6 KB)

i’m inserting datatable after the text “According” at index 5. Please have a look.

Note: While using occurrence index, position should be either After/Before/Replace.



I think I found a bug… When I enter the occurrence index number in the workspace it looks for a String instead. When I enter the same input into the properties window it works fine