Insert DataTable in Document

This activity we can have an option while pasting data that whether we need to paste header or Ignore header providing better control on the Headers

Same like we have in write range of Excel.

Mukesh Kala

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Do you maybe have more context? :slight_smile:

I think he’s asking for an activity that accepts a datatable as input and writes it to a document in a formatted way - presumably Word or something like that?

Hey @mukeshkala ,

Can you maybe provide a bit more details about the use case here and what you are trying to achieve with this activity. We have an activity part of the Word package that Inserts a DataTable to a document.


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Cosider a scenarios where are have to pass data from an Excel to Word File

  1. We Read a Data from Excel in a DataTable - say dt_Data

  2. Now the Excel Data may or may not have Header.

  3. The Activity InsertDatatable in Document as an Input asks for a Datatable but do not check if the Datatable is having headers or not…

  4. If simply pastes the Data …

  5. Ask is to have an option in this activity which say - Add Header (True / False) - which will provide flexibity to keep/ remove the header in the document… The same option which is available in Write Range - Excel.

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If you need headers written, make them the first row of data in your datatable.

That is the issue - I Do not want Header and If I Read a Data without Header - UiPath will add Column0 , Column1 in the Header of the Datatable …

Now the Insert DataTable activity will print Column0 , Colum1 , Column2 in the word Document - Which is not Correct and the activity does not have option to Ignore header while writing.

Hope it make sense


Hey @mukeshkala ,

Thank you for your feedback on this. You’re right, currently it’s not option on the Word activity Insert Data Table in Document. I’ve filed this as feedback and we’ll look into this internally. We will get back to you once this is available.

Many thanks!

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