Insert a value in DataTable


Is it possible to insert a value to a specific cell in datatable without using an integer as the index of the row → but instead, using the row name?

for exemple-> DT.rows(“b”).item(“Type 2”)?


I’m not sure how to do that without the index but if you want it to be dynamic I suggest you do it like this:

Where Update Value is:


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You need index to update the value

You can check below for your reference


Dt.Rows(Index).Item(“ColumnName”) = YourValue

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You will have to get the index for row to update the value.

It can be done by using Lookup Datatable activity. You can pass the following arguments.
Datatable → Your datatable variable
Lookup Value → the value of row that you will searching. So if the value if you want to update type 2 for list value b, you can assign b.
ColumnName → “List”
In the Output Properties, RowIndex-> Here, you can store the returned rowindex in the variable
So, after this activity you will have the index.
You can use this index to update the type2 column.
Use assign with
DatatableName.Rows(IndexofRowReturnedbyLookupDT)(“type2”) = “your type 2 value”

Hope this helps

in_dt_Src.AsEnumerable().Select( Function(r) r.Field(Of String)(in_str_Search_ColName) ).ToList().FindIndex( Function(col) col = in_str_Search_Value )