InputDialog: TypeConverter cannot convert from System.String


I am using the InputDialog activity with IsPassword checked to store the value into a variable of type SecureString. I recieve a System.NotSupportedException when executing.

I am confused why this is happening. I tried resolving this issue by using the suggestions from this post. Input dialog: typeconverter cannot convert from system.string My issue seems different because the resolution was to enable the check box for IsPassword, but I have ensured IsPassword check box is enabled and I am still having this issue.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


The result of the Input dialog box will only support String datatypes. To convert this to a SecureString after having read in the data as a string, use the component below, or you can iterate over each character of the string and append it to the SecureString variable. I recommend the component for simplicity.

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That option is only to hide the password as the person is typing it, it does not convert it to SecureString format…

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I very much appreciate your response. This lead me find to what I believe to be a good solution, though it would be nice if the activity itself would do the conversion for me based on the value of IsPassword.

I also chose to mark the activity as private to avoid outputing plain text passwords in the log data.

new NetworkCredential("", password ).SecurePassword


I agree. It would be nice if there were an option to get a securestring output when the password checkbox is checked. I also agree with your approach to keeping the information secure.

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