Input string was not in correct format


Im using Assign activity to convert a string to double the string is like -3000.00 or 150.65 the program successfully coverts the string to double in my Test.xaml but the same code gives error in my production xaml file any idea why is this happening

Also sometimes when I’m reading data from excel and converting to double the code round off the numbers after two characters
ex: 17850.56 will be rounded off to 17000.00 this is very weird
Rounding off happens randomly on any 1 or 2 random rows in my excel
then when i re run my project it doesn’t round off values


@Abdur Make sure you have updated the xaml file in production as well, Put a Message Box and Update it again to check if in the production environment the Message Box arises or not. in that way you can confirm if it’s getting updated.

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@supermanPunch Yeah all the files are updated in Prod and i have tried with message box aswell, its quiet confusing why it works fine in same project Test xaml and not in other xaml

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