Input String was not in correct format error

I created the following variables.

can you guide the next steps.

Use If Activity (condition SuccessOrNot = True), if SuccessOrNot value is true that means it converted successfully and use the DoubleNumber value further.

One more thing do I need to now directly enter the value StringVar1 = CurrentRow(“New cases(1 day*)”).tostring() in the invoked arguments value section and also in the variables section

Only pass StringVar1 = DecimalNumber

Sorry but I am not getting . As mentioned by Surya

to pass StringVar1 = CurrentRow(“New cases(1 day*)”).tostring()

here CurrentRow is the for each row in my data table

Kindly let me know what should be the value of StringVar1

Both way will work either you pass it from variable or directly where you highlighted.
If you want pass it from stringvar1 then in that case you need to assign CurrentRow(“New cases(1 day*)”)>ToString value to it.
Better to pass CurrentRow(“New cases(1 day*)”) directly to highlighted portion.

Hope you get it.

I am trying to pass directly in the Invoked code arguments by giving the value but every time I am getting in the expression editor no value.

Also I am getting the following error below when I run the bot.

I am getting the following error.

Invoke code : Column New cases(1 day*) does not belong to the table.

Check the column name, it should exactly same.

I am using the same column name .

I tried your methods but got column value New cases (1 day*) which was converted to double as 0


Hi Surya I tried your methods but I am getting the column value as New Cases Per Day as 0.



can you share the input excel file or csv?

Thank You for your help but there was some mistake in the data table column name. I got the output now.