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Can anyone please let me know why I am not getting output when trying to split the string into array. split.xaml (4.5 KB) Below is my XAML file



On what delimiter basis are you trying to split the string ? And also you are trying to print the string array. we can’t print string array directly. I modified your workflow and splitting string based on space as delimiter.

For your reference, please find the attached workflow.

split.xaml (4.9 KB)

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Hi Buddy @nole_1
I saw your workflow, good
Just we need small corrections to be made, a nail gap…
–First correction is
if your input variable is
inp = " hello world"
So it should be like this…in the assign activity , to get them as separate words
oup = Split(inp.Trim," ")
and i dont find any , in your input string but you tried to mention as a split delimiter,

–Second correction is
you mentioned correctly with the variable type for oup as string array, but while trying to mention it in message box, we were missing with the array index number to be mentioned and it should be like this, and this was the error statement for your insights buddy

oup(0).ToString //the output of this is hello

oup(1).ToString //the output of this is world

so these were the small corrections buddy
it happens, but what we try matters,
keep trying, keep learning, sure you will give this as solution to some one in our forum soon
Cheers @nole_1

Hello @nole_1, you can simply use Split String activity to split your input. Or use this code to split arrayInput = strInput.split(","c)

Type of the arrayInput must be array of strings

Michael Udhaya