Initializing and Populating list with values

I keep getting that Light blue error check as I attempt to initialize this list. It pops up every time I type (from) EXPRESSION : (New List(of string) from (“MADRID”, “Valencia”, “BARCELONA”).

Any suggestion on where the pb comes from?

Thanks you!

Therefore I get this error message and I am not able to complete my automation and run it.

Your list of items “MADRID”, “Valencia”, “BARCELONA” needs to be in curly braces like this {“MADRID”, “Valencia”, “BARCELONA”}.


Thank you! That fixed it. What’s the difference between using quotations and Curly braces? I didn’t even realize the difference when I was watching the demo video but I would like to know they difference for future purpose.

Appreciate it!

Curly braces signify the beginning and end of hard-coded elements to be entered as an iterable, like an array. The parenthesese are used to open and close functions.