Increment column value in data table

Dear Forum members,

I have a scenario where i am getting some data in data table, so i want to add a column in data table as a serial which increment the serial number from 1 to last. After some steps i am also merging one another data table’s data in first data table, and the serial number should also increment in first data table.

Until i am merging the data in first data table the Serial column number must be increment.

For ex. If data table dt has 10 rows then i need a column Serial with values 1 to 10. and after this if i am merging another data table dt1 in dt with 5 rows then the serial column number must be 1 to 15 this time.

Please suggest me the way to achieve it.

Thanks in advance.

You could add autoincremental column into datatable DT.
See this post: