Impossible to convert SystemObject to System.Bolean in multiple assign

Hi ,
I ve got a little problem to convert a json object ( true or false ) in boolean


thanks for your help

Hi @frederic-f.bonnet

Make sure forfaitJour is of DataType System.Boolean and try the same syntax:

forfaitJour = Convert.ToBoolean(JsonObject("forfaitJour"))


Hi @frederic-f.bonnet

Could you check the forfaitJour variable is in System.Boolean datatype or not.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @frederic-f.bonnet,

Thanks for reaching out UiPath Community.

Can you please try Convert.ToBoolean(JsonObject(“forfaitJour”).ToString)
and Check To variable datatype is boolean.
Hope this help

Happy Automation,


It seems validator is not working correctly. For now, can you try to clear right side field and unfocus it, then retype the expression?


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