Import Numpy, Abydos python libraries issue

Hi team,

I am facing some issues importing numpy and abydos libraries. If I test it directly in python (spyder, anaconda) it works, but when I try to run the same python code in UiPath does not work.

I could run a basic math operations (multiplications, add) python code in UiPath and got the expected result.

It means that I have configured correctly in UiPath, but when I try to import the numpy and abydos libraries the UiPath fails.

When I avoid to import numpy or abydos library the code works. But I try to import numpy or abydos fail.

Do you have any idea?

Thanks for your support!


Can you please open locals panel and see expand the exception details and check …that would provide more info on whats happening

And are the libraries installed on system? Or you installed on a different env on anaconda?(just a check…you might not miss this)


Hi, thanks for answer. Yes, I have installed the libraries, abydos and numpy is bellow. Please look the following picture:

And the following picture is the error provided by UiPath Studio, and said “Pipe is broken” :

I assigned the following path in the scope activity: “C:\Users\USERNAME\Anaconda3”

Do I have to assign the all path where the libraries are located? for example: “C:\Users\USERNAME\Anaconda3\Lib\site-packages”


What is your python version?

depending on it you might need to provide the library path as well…in the respective field



My python version is 3.9.13. I tried but the issues still continue. Do you any UiPath example when you import numpy library?

Hi @alonso.ortiz ,

Did you happen to check the below post ? Were the packages installed using the command line ?