Import Data from Multiple CSV in Gmail

Can I automate the followings?

  1. Delete All Contacts in Google Contacts
  2. Import Fresh Data from a File_1.csv to Google Contacts
  3. Wait for some time
  4. Sync with Viber Contact Database
  5. Import data from viber.db with an app

then again repeat process 1 to 6 for 100s of csv file in a folder?


Can you do this manually by following a series of fixed steps (rule based)?
If yes, the answer to your question is yes.

Yes it can be done manually

Let me check if I can do it, else I might be needing your assistance :slight_smile:

@bandita i tried loading a single csv, but it is getting stopped right when it needs to click the brows file option…
any idea?

Hi, tried it several times, but it didnt work out, can you please help me to automate this part?

For Each File in a folder
Load CSV file in Google Contact [over 1000 contacts per file, so deletion needs to be done for several pages] and then delete all the contacts after importing
load the next file and then delete them again…

@badita can you refer to someone who can do it for me as a freelance project? I am kinda running out of time…