Image Corp and Remove background colour or Shadow in uipath

Hi All,

I’ve included the PNG picture. I need to alter the background colour of that image to white and crop it. kindly provided me with a solution to his problem.

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M.Santhosh Kumar

Hey @Santhosh_Kumar

Refer below file
image (38.8 KB)

hope It helps you out!


Thanks for your suggestion. We don’t use any URL and we have remove background image by activity or code or C# code

Kindly Gave me a solution. Because it’s high priority for me. I’m struggling to change the back ground color.

@Santhosh_Kumar ,
Kindly refer the below thread


Thanks for your suggestion. Is there any or C# code to remove the background image.

@Santhosh_Kumar , There is no such activity in UiPath as per my knowledge
But you can refer below thread for more knowledge

Also i have an another method,

Actually there is python library for that use case,
What we can try is, We can download it into our local machine and in UiPath you can create a workflow to run that particular py file using commands in command prompt,
But for that you will have to download the dependencies required for that python image background remover tool

below is the link of the tool repository

Hope it helps you