Im trying to save a sent email to a file from outlook

Hi everyone
I want to save the eMail that I sended with the activity “Send Outlook Mail Message” I tried to use “Save Mail Message” but it didnt work
so now I dont know what to do so Im open to suggestions!

please help me

Hi @dlichten

Check this

Ashwin S

This link speaks about someone that saved the emails already
I couldn’t even do that…
and I tried to download the xaml of @Rahul_Pasupuleti but it showed me missing or invalid activity

Hi @dlichten

You should update the uipath.mail.activities


Save mail message activity will work for sure buddy
Kindly mention the file name and file type as .eml
Along the folder path like this
Cheers @dlichten

and what should I put in the mail message?
In the activity “Send Outlook Mail Message” there is a property that called MailMessage
is it connected? if so what to write there and here?

thank u very much

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Like if we have iterated the list_mail variable obtained from get outlook mail activity with a FOR EACH loop
Then mention here in save mail message activity as item where item is the variable from For each loop
And in the file path mention as suggested above with fine name and file type as well like .eml

Cheers @dlichten

I didnt use for each to save the mails
What I did use is this

I want each time I’m sending an email to someone (no matter who) I want it to save it in a folder (its in a for each but the for each is for running on datatable and comparing the numbers)