Illegal unquoted character error while changing status in JIRA

For changing status from in progress to delivered i am passing my json directly in body of http request
here i am not creating separate json in uipath with invoke method activity.
In json which i am passing , i am passing one strReadReport variable because comment will change every time with iteration and 761 is the code for “delivered” status.
is this is the way to pass variable in json or i am doing something wrong .
kindly check pics and please suggest so i can try.i a getting following error.

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please help

Hi @Mathkar_kunal ,

this seems to be a question about Atlassian JIRA rather than UiPath!?
As you are getting the HTTP-error 400 (Bad Request) it seems from UiPath-side everything is working fine, but your request itself is not doing what you want? I think it would be better to post this in a JIRA forum.

ok , but can you tell me what is the correct way of passing variable in jason in uipath?
The way i am using is correct ? to pass variable in jason

In general this seems to be fine to do a string-concatenation. But you have to be careful as your string must not contain any json-reserved tokens. If you are unsure about this or you want to make sure every string can be processed you should serialize the strings/variables to json-strings.
You can do this with


And don’t forget to import


Yes, i changed as u suggested but same error getting as above image i shared

when i am passing simple text in " " it is updating value in comments as well as updating status but when i am passing variable it is not updating

Please use the Invoke method to create JSON
I Build this video specially for hundreds of questions about how to put " in JSON.
Focus and build your JSON correctly and you will not have any issue with any variables. Use NOTEPAD++ to structure yourself very well your JSON.

yes, at first i am using invoke method to create json in uipath to update status as in progress from open.
then at the end i have to update comment and status both so just trying by directly passing json in body.
ok i will try as per ur suggestion

Hello Mathkar,
Check out this very fast simple VB.NET that create JSON in 1 line:
startUiPathFromSalesforce/CreateJSON.txt at master · cristinegulescu/startUiPathFromSalesforce · GitHub
And the movie for demo:


thanks for sharing i will check this

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