Illegal Characters in Path working with Wildcard


I wanted to get the specific files in the directory accordingly, with wildcard time on the filename.
Have tried this one but keeps on gettin illegal char in path error:

can anyone give any input on where it went wrong?
thx guys


Use expression like below and try. Thanks.

Directory.GetFiles((in_Config(“FilePath”).ToString), Country+" * “+in_prevDate.ToString()+” *.xlsx")

no still didnt work, i have updated the expression i used above as image as the text version was changed to italics here.

Directory.getfile method we have to pass two arguments.

  1. It is your folder path

  2. Your filter


Directory.Getfiles(“C:/Inputfiles/”, “*.xlsx”)

With the above expression it will search in the mentioned folder and only retrieve the xlsx files.

Both arguments we have to separate with comma.

I am not sure about your filter and your folder path from config. Please review if you are giving input the correct data. Thanks.

yes can confirm my folder path is correct and is working fine on other sequence. think the problem here now is the filter.

Specifically the format of the filename is:


what i wanted was to get the files with wildcard time. appreciate ur fast response still, thx