If statement for today's date

How do I write a condition that states “if today’s date is the last day of the month, then send the email” (i know you can do an orchestrator trigger but I cannot use orchestrator right now).

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Check out the expression

(New DateTime(Today.AddMonths(1).Year,Today.AddMonths(1).Month,1)).AddDays(-1).toString("MM/dd/yyyy") = New DateTime(Now.Year,Now.Month,Now.Day).ToString("MM/dd/yyyy")



In Addition we canuse followin strategy / coding

Find End date of of current month, driven by todays date:

When EndDate = Today then we do have the last month day

IF activity - Condition: now.AddDays( - now.Day + 1).AddMonths(1).addDays(-1).Date = Today


FYI, another approach: using Modify Date activity.


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thank you. I can actually use both of these since i need another if statement for the second day of the month.

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