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Hi there! I need to know how I can do to if a certain cell of my google sreadsheet is the name “x”, for example, the the bot should download the ‘x’ folder on google drive, if the name on the sheet is ‘y’, then download the folder ‘y’… Please use print screens I currently have this structure, which is not working:

You can try changing the selector that chooses the file to download in google drive by changing aaname as the excel cell value

Hi @Carvalho_Vini

  1. Install the necessary packages:
  • Go to Manage Packages in UiPath Studio.
  • Install the “UiPath.GSuite.Activities” package. This package contains activities for interacting with Google Drive and Google Sheets.
  1. Set up the authentication:
  • Use the “Google Sheets Application Scope” activity to provide the necessary credentials and authenticate with your Google account.
  • Use the “Google Drive Application Scope” activity to authenticate with Google Drive.
  1. Read the cell value from Google Sheets:
  • Use the “Read Cell” activity within the “Google Sheets Application Scope” to read the cell value that contains the folder name.
  • Store the value in a variable (let’s call it folderName).
  1. Download the corresponding folder from Google Drive:
  • Use the “Get Files” activity within the “Google Drive Application Scope” to get a list of files in your Google Drive.
  • Use a For Each loop to iterate through the files.
  • Within the loop, add an If condition to check if the file name matches the folderName variable.
  • If the condition is true, use the “Download File” activity to download the folder.

thank you sm! I’ve done it all except de 4th step, which its kinda confusing for me, do you have some kinda of print screen? Also, I think that I don’t have the ‘get files’ activity.

Ohh @Carvalho_Vini
You are working with Studio X right?

yes,I’am. Is it a problem?

@Carvalho_Vini Nope
Try with get file info activity instead of getfiles

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