If error

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I can obviously use an “if” activity.

But is there a way to create an activity that states “if error then skip” or “if error then skip item”?

Hi @Steven_Moxon

It will be easier for us to give you perfect suggestion/solution for your query if you give any eg regarding same

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Hi, So I’m getting this error from this data scrapper I’m using.

Rather than using the scraper function, I’m using a combination of ‘if’'s and ‘get text’ as the data I’m extracting is sometimes in different pages on a page and I’m populating a spreadsheet below…

The code I’m using is…

(I’ve minimised the table extractor but I use it to get a list or URL’s for the stage 2.
Stage 2 is to visit the URL’s and then extract data which is sometimes in different places.

Sometimes there are additional combinations of text that the anchors can’t find in the ‘get text’ activity which I’ve not factored in and it, therefore, shows the following error…

I don’t mind this and I’m happy for it to skip this line…but I don’t know how to get it to do this.