If condition loop back and rescan from the next column in excel


I am trying to Read the date from “A2, B2” from an excel and use if condition for B2.

if the condition is true it performs THEN.

if the condition is false it goes to ELSE.

Now in Else Condition, I want the go back to the excel and read “A3,B3” .It should perform the loop until the condition satisfies.

screen shot below…

Hi @Srikanth_Goud,

Add a Do While Activity before the first If Activity and type the condition that must be satisfied in the Condition section. Then move the rest of the activities inside the Body section. To be easier you can even collapse the first If activity before move it.


Hi @LiDo ,

Are you able to provide with an example… i cannot understand the logic!

Hi @Srikanth_Goud

Following your graphic, I did not see any new assign for your variables SITE and WO. Also I see an Break activity, I suppose that you are using a For Each activity, in that case you can add an if activity next to your nested if checking if your WO and SITE variables are empty.



Hi All,

I have tried a different method using If else activity for the “WO” i which i left the THEN part empty with no activity so that i can skip the process and proceed to scan the next “SITE”.

It worked out!

Thank you so much for you response.

Much Appreciated!



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