If activity is removing my datatable variable

this is from a windows robot.

this doesnt happend 2 weeks ago but now i didnt update nothing and its bringing me this error

i isolate the problem in a test and same than process exeution. i have my variable even initialize in default and when its get the if it says is not declared. but as you can see in the left panel before get it the if, the variable has got data

with windows legacy i dont have these strange problems… when are you going to stops the compatibility? i dont want my robots suddenly get inexplicably fails

Test.xaml (10.6 KB)

Hi @amy93amanda ,

I believe you were Debugging the workflow, But does any error occur when you Run the workflow ?

Could you check and let us know ?

@amy93amanda ,

Could you maybe double check on the variables panel if there are duplicate variables created ? Also maybe check if you have passed the Datatable variable to the Build Datatable Activity.

sorry, i discover the error when i saw my condition is wrong. should be “>=1”
but wheen i saw my error i discover that the else condition should be containing something otherwise is getting the error

same but empty else

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