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how do i add the first and last row in the data

Can you give us more detail @Yurdanur_Yusuf

What First? What Last?


I read the mail
I searched the data in the mail on the web and saved it in a data
I sorted my data
now i want to put the first row and last row in the data to Queue

Hi @Yurdanur_Yusuf , I answered this on your previous post:

i looked at this
Send the first line of build data to Queue twice


On your Collections in Add Queue Item activity. it should be: dtSorted.Rows(0).Item(“kod”).ToString and not dtDataTable.Rows(0).Item(“kod”).ToString
dtSorted.Rows(0).Item(“fiyat”).ToString and not dtDataTable.Rows(0).Item(“fiyat”).ToString

Here’s the updated code:
SortDataTable.xaml (10.0 KB)


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