If 2 columns of a row matches then replace the earlier status with the matched one

In sheets.xlsx (10.1 KB) this excel sheet i have two sheets sheet1 and sheet2 .
I want the result as shown in the “output” sheet .

Can anyone help please.

sheet1 image

sheet2 image

output image

the status will be updated only when both “Pro_num” and “Col_code” will exactly match.

i can’t show the actual data so i changed the values.
Thanks in advance for the help.

@ppr can you help me with this

PFA demo XAML here: Soniya215_StatusUpdate.xaml (12.4 KB)

dtResult is the output datatable and you can use it for e.g. later writing into Excel.

The work was a quick dine, please do some QA on it. Thanks

Thanks a lot @ppr. You saved a lot of stress for me …Thanks again

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