IEnumerable<UiElement> is not available in studiopro 2020.4.1 #StudioPro

I am starting learning and trying with examples from the uipath docs.

here based on documents i am trying to create variable with the type of variable…

but this is not available… so could not able to complete the examples… don;t know alternate variable type to complete examples… Could you please help me.

When i do the steps mentioned in the document…i got the error as “Option Strict on disallows late binding”

Hey Thanks, I got it myself…
I have indicated browser list for sample for Find Children activity.
Then added the children output variable…so automatially it was created the variable with the correct type of variable.

item.Get(“value”).ToString also resolved
foreach activity properties >> change the typeArguement as “uipath.core.UIElement”

So working fine…