IE crash in uipath web recording

When using Uipath doing web recording Internet explorer 11, IE crash with the message:

Check below threads and see if those helps:

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still has problem, the error part is Iframe in webpage, can uipath web recording function work with iframe?

i find the error code:res://ieframe.dll/acr_depnx_error.htm, any solution on this? the protection mode already closed in internet option. thanks

the issue is now fixed in the latest activity package UiPath.UIAutomation 19.1.0. Please use UiPath studio latest version with above activity version and let us know the outcome.

Dear Akash,

Thanks a lot for your advice. i download the latest version, which is 19.4.0, but the same issue happens, i have attached the screenshot for your help. please kindly advise.


I’ve got this redirect maybe from #GlobalExceptionHandling