Identify type of exception

My program will run through a each cell in a timetable, and each cell might have clickable and non-clickable title. If clickable, it will bring us to a new tab and get the title there. But if the title is not clickable. It show error. So, I’m using try catch to solve this problem. But can’t identify what kind of the exception type i should use.

Here’s the error message :


Here’s the exception i used, but still getting same error.

Selector not found Exception can be used

I used that one, but still getting same error tho


It is just log message and your execution should continue for next item

can’t get what you mean, it still got other function to run, but then it just stop at the get title text function. What can i did?

Does this useful ?

Hi @Wei_Ji_Kwok

So the order of catch block is also important…as you have kept selectornotfound under system.exception it is not getting caught… please move system.exception to last


thks for your reply. I had changed the system.exception to bottom, but still getting same error.

Do you have any other suggestion


Is the get text inside the try block?

Becasue Ideally if not by selectornotfound it should have been caught by system.Exception atleast.

Can you try the same in a dummy workflow and see if it is working?

And can you check the type inside the locals panel just to confirm



Can you try to turn on ContinueOnException on RibbonMenu, then run debug?


thk a lot, now the exception work.

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