IBM Lotus 1.2.3 Read/write Automation (File extension .123)

Hi Guys,
I want to input/extract data in IBM Lotus 1.2.3 spreadsheet
I am not sure how to proceed with this
Could somebody help with this
Also, How to perform click button activity in IBM Lotus 1.2.3 spreadsheet

Did you try to use click activity? if yes what error message you are getting.
can you post your screenshots…

Click Activity I know , I am asking in .123 file extension
I am not able to read that file
what activity should I use
to read IBM Lotus 1.2.3 file

this is spread sheet file from IBM. I suggest try to open with excel file and see data inside.
once you are able to read inside data with excel then try to use excel activities to make click read, update activities accordingly.