I want to write horizontally in Excel with ocr data

how can i do?

I am super rookie plz help

Is it Impossible? If it is possible.
It makes me huge help!!! ㅜㅜ

Hi @chan58

It’s possible to achieve the result you’ve described.
But first, I think it might be helpful to review how your PDF document is structured and how the activity “Read PDF from OCR” is reading the doc.

If you have a structured table in the PDF and the distortion in the data is caused by the “Read PDF with OCR” activity, then you might want to experiment with that, using -

  1. A different OCR engine, e.g. Omnipage OCR
  2. Using IntelligentOCR activities pack as it will give you more control on PDF templates

Are you able to share how the PDF looks?

Sure i can share but It is confidential contract pdf so i can’t fully share that. Also result i attached is not meaningful it just only test. First if i could horizontally wirte, i would research ocr engine you recommend to me.
Technical issue is more important now

Here is my pdf image!>