I want to use for each file in folder to read files in one folder and write to files in another folder

  • Open the file “List of employees” in Folder: 02 DuLieu NhanSu
    and Copy data column B, A of the file
  • Paste the values ​​in columns A, C sheet “NVCT” of the files “XuLyDuLieuAnCa_Xuong2” in Folder: 04_XuLyDuLieu
  • Do the same for other files in Folder: 02_DuLieuNhanSu
  • Image 1 is the files in folder 02_DuLieuNhanSu
    Image 2 is the files in folder 04_XuLyDuLieu

Danh sach nhan vien_Xuong 2.xlsx (84.9 KB)
XuLyDuLieuAnCa_Xuong2.xlsx (18.3 KB)

Hi @leanhtuan221200 ,
Only same number of “Xuong”
ex: danh sach nhan vien xuong 2 --xu ly du lieu an ca xuong 2

that’s right?

That’s right, and read danh sach nhan vien xuong 2 – write xu ly du lieu an ca xuong 2

OK. wait me some minutes
we need check file name only—> important
get data then paste is simple

I need help me, please

Hi @leanhtuan221200 ,
Sr reply late because I have online meeting with customer
my solution
you can try
Sequence.xaml (26.7 KB)

file download form you
my output

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