I want to know how to write the code for next line

how to take the line of sting top next line in mail automation
example: hello

            we will help you back soon
            Thank you!

like in the body of mail I want to like this.
I use the environment.nextLine but it’s not work

can anyone give the solution for this

@Chethan_P You can use <br> tag in the body of the Mail Activity if the IsBody Html is set to True


on string objects you use VbCrLf for new line and concatenate the text like: “we will help you back soon”+VbCrLf+“Thank you!”

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@Bern no it’s not working

can you please explain that how to write a code in that

@Chethan_P Which Mail Activity are you using to send mail ? :sweat_smile:


See if i use
i get error

@Chethan_P It should be inside Double Quotes. Also set IsBody Html to True

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