I want to find all the folders inside a folder


Is there any way to get all the folder names inside a folder?


please refer above link.


Assign strArray(system.string[])= Directory.GetDirectories(“Folder Path”)
Use For each loop to itirate through all the folder.


Use Directory.GetDirectory(“path”)


folder_name(Variable type is in array of String)


How to loop through each files in a folder and perform an activity in each file

hi Poovarasan 2 ,
I need only display folder names inside the folder … your output shows absolute path … i need only display relative paths only… can you help me

thanks in advance,


Please use same code as suggested by @Poovarasan2 and pass out put variable into a Messagebox


hi ajith,
Use Path.GetFileName(“string name”) in your for each loop like this…



hi i hope this will help you …i am sure