I want to check if "Message text" column has few keywords like terminated or blocked? If anyone can help?


on datarow level:

{“TERMINATED”,“BLOCKED”}.Any(Function (x) YourDataRowVar(“Message text”).toString.ToUpper.Contains(s))

will return true or false when keyword was found

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use for each row then use if activity with row(“Message text”).ToString.contains(“blocked”).contains(“terminated”)

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on datatable level:

YourDataTableVar.AsEnumerable.Any(Function (d) {"TERMINATED","BLOCKED"}.Any(Function (x) d("Message text").toString.ToUpper.Contains(x)))

It’s giving issue attached in image

Can u explain what is s here?

i updated the statement above. x instead of s was needed

d,x… are like local variables within the LINQ

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@anjasing Do you want to check whether entire excel contains terminated or blocked? or do you want the row details also?

If you just want to find terminated or blocked, you can use output datatable actiivity to convert datatable to string and then use Yourstringvariable.ToString.Contains(“Text to check”)

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