I want a way to go from sheet 1 to sheet 2


I want to make sheet 2 data from sheet 1 data


hi can you provide input excel and output you are expecting


This is called a join, it’s a standard database operation. Load Sheet1 and Sheet 2 into datatables then use the Join Data Table activity.

Sample.xlsx (8.7 KB)

Sheet 2 will consist of ID and whether the row from sheet1 contained issue or not i.e status
In Sheet 2 ID’s will be placed , i just want to derive status

That’s what a join is. It matches up the datatables based on the ID column and combines them into one datatable.


you want to check the values in Value2 and update the status in the sheet2

“Sheet 2 will only contain id” , NO status
I want to derive status.

I want to check each rows in sheet 1

Then read Sheet1 into a datatable. Use Build Datatable to create a dt for Sheet2 with columns ID and Status.

  • For Each Row in datatable dt_sheet1
    ** If CurrentRow(“Value2”).ToString = “NoIssue”
    *** Then Add Data Row to dt_Sheet2: {CurrentRow(“ID”).ToString,“ok”)
    *** Else Add Data Row to dt_Sheet2: {CurrentRow(“ID”).ToString,“Issue”)

Another way…

Read sheet1 into a DT. Use Add Data Column to add a Status column to DT_sheet1.

  • For Each Row in DT_sheet1
    ** If CurrentRow(“Value2”).ToString = “NoIssue”
    *** Then Assign CurrentRow(“Status”) = “ok”
    *** Else Assign CurrentRow(“Status”) = “Issue”

Then you can use Filter Data Table to create DT_sheet2 by keeping only the ID and Status columns from DT_sheet1.

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