I trying to make API PUT request using HTTP Request activity. Need to upload file using the put request

Can any one tell me how to achieve that using Uipath. The put method is working in postman. I am trying to upload a file in one of the website via API. I have tried adding attachment in body as I am doing it in postman but Uipath is not allowing. Anyone has worked on similar problem

Hi @Saurabh_Kumar4

Please go through this


I have seem that solution Rajeshwari, but that does not have authentication. In my case it is a basic authentication for which I am providing username and password(in postman).

I haven’t had to use the previous code (I’m the original poster), as the newer version of UiPath HTTP connector seems to cope with attachments,also (you sometimes need to scroll) the authentication option is available


Might be worth a try

So let me try to explain it more. Below images are showing how I have configured the api in postman and it is working fine. I.e file is getting uploaded.
url :https://api.anaplan.com/1/3/workspaces/8a81b01078e1bbf501791ab1b31047be/models/2852AE4A52874EB4BD621E2FCA522291/files/113000000039

Autherisation is basic with username password

but similar approach is not working in uipath

I have changed the file parameter to something else , but still the activity is failing