I think the website needs a bit of updating, HTML is off

Hi @strqsr,
Can you describe little more? On which device are you opening forum, OS etc?


I’m on the desktop, using chrome and can’t click on login or sign up, search icon or the more icon. Had to manually type in …com/login and also as you can see from the image above the home image is merged with the navbar.

This is the icons I’m talking about btw!

I’m using chrome too. All is working fine in normal and incognito mode:

Please reset cache and cookies. Seem that something is wrong on your side.

Ah! Okay will try that, let you know if it helps in a bit :slight_smile:


Didn’t work unfortunately! Thought so too cause I often clear my cache and cookies.

If it’s from my end then it’s okay! Just a minor inconvenience.

Can you try other web browser? (IE for example)

Just checked, IE is fine, I probably need to reinstall chrome or something!

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