I need to filter datatable for blanks



I have a datatable that has a status column. This column starts blank and once the first action is taken it is marked as found or not found. I want to be able filter the status column by blanks/null/empty but have been unsuccessful so far. i am using dtInvoiceNum.Select(“Status=Null”) to create an array of datarows and then doing a for each in the array.



Have you tried to use



dtInvoiceNum.Select(“Status=’ '”) ?



i have tried the second but not the first i will try that now. Thanks


Incase if above solution doesn’t work.

dtInvoiceNum.Select(“Status is NULL OR Status=''”)


Status is Null worked Thanks vvaidya


You can also use dtInvoiceNum.Select("[Status]=‘Null’").


What to do for not null coloumns?