I need Help that i want every day copy Column (C) form excel sheet and Append to anthor sheet with today date

Dear All
every day i there data in excel sheet i want to copy Column (C) from this sheet and Appen to anthor sheet with today Date
i try to read range Column (C) and use Read Range activity but nothing thappen and give me error
please check snap and XAML
Main.xaml (7.3 KB)

You can get the column c value by index with this:

Fdt(Fdt.Rows.Count - 1)(2)

This works dynamically regardless of how many rows are in the source spreadsheet.

Then you should create a new data table that is the same format as your target spreadsheet, add a row that includes the current date and column c value, and append range to the target spreadsheet using the new data table.

I have attached a working example.

20190118_CopyAndAppendExcelColumn.zip (24.4 KB)

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Hi @tjust
Thanks for your help dear but no if i want Copy Column C and past in same excel as show in photo
and also in your xaml that i need to Write line activity
thanks for your help

Any Help pleaseeee

Hi @tjust

thanks for your support any help please because that iā€™m stack in this steps in my project

thanks dear for your support