I keep getting compiler errors

Hello, I am fairly new to UI Path and still learning. I continuously get compiler errors whereas my co-worker enter the same on his machine and no errors. attached is an example. This is from Youtube i copied and pasted and typed it in. It keeps showing the error. Can anyone help me understand the issues?

(From p In dtSheet1.AsEnumerable() Group p By obj_p= New With {Key.P_First=p.Item(“First”),Key.P_Code=p.Item(“Pcode”)} Into MG= Group Select new with { .First=obj_p.P_First,.Pcode=obj_p.P_Code,.Data_Concatenate=String.Join(“/”, MG.Select(Function(x) x.Field(Of String)(“Data”)))}).ToList

ienum.zip (21.6 KB)

what is your requriement…

i would like to concatenate all the data for each person. below is desired result

First Pcode data
Smith a q, w
James b e
Sham d r, t
Taylor c y