I have one question and can ane one help me for the solution

Hi All,

i have two table and i want all data from first table and non matching data from second table can any one help me for that

thank you


Append both the datatable together using merge datatable and then use remove duplicates…

That would remove all the matching records and will retain only non matching records


how to use remove duplicate


This the activity

You only need to pass the input datatable and output…if its matching thenthe row is deleted and in output datatable you will have only unique


that issue solved thank you for your yesterday guidance @Anil_G but i have one mre problem in my first table there is same name also thats why they remove all duplicate record with the name
thats why i want all record from first table and non matching record from second table


Try with the following code to get the uncommon values



from that exp uncommon value from 2nd table and i want first datatable as it is
is the possible @fernando_zuluaga


As mentioned above use except to get the unmatched values…then use merge with first datatable which would giv eyou the final table you need

But you have to interchange dt1 and dt2 in above…dt2 will be outside and dt1 will be inside to get unmatched in dt2


Hi @Shubham_Bidwai

Try with the following process, this code may be helps you to get nonmatching data.

ok will try this solution also

but i want first whole data table as it na
in my first data table there may be same name record are their thats why @chethan.b


Use except function in combination with merge dataatble that would gice you the exact details


Do you want your first data table as it as?

yes i want first as it is

Observer this video you will get your First data table and remove data row data table as well as

okay thanks a lot @chethan.b will try and solve it

@chethan.b working properly but i want and i forgot to tell you in second table and first table matching name want to remove not whole row

Hello @Shubham_Bidwai try this solution

Use Filter Data Table activity
Input Value DataTable-1
Filter Value of Column- XYZ
Create New Data Table- DataTable 3

Merge DataTable 1 and 3


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Thank you so much @Sandip_Shahane1 for your valuable guidance

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