I have issue in getting the release key

“An organization unit is required for this action.” i am getting this error when i run in rest api postman


TenantName: RoboServiceg156510196

Hi @haresh_krishnan,

could you please provide me the body of your request?

Furthermore did you test it on the swagger of Orchestrator? For my on-premise orchestrator i can add /swagger after the usual url of my orchestrator and i get redirected to the testing swagger webpage. Here you can see and test all of the available APIs.

sorry for late response. Did you try adding /swagger after your orchstrator URL in browser?

it should look like that:

here you can test all of the available rest apis.

You need to add X-UIPATH-OrganizationUnitId to your header. It’s value should be the folder id of where your “release” sits.

Hi @haresh_krishnan
I’m facing the same error. Is your problem solved?