I have an error showing the object reference not set to an instance of object

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Hello @bhashi ! :slight_smile:

I think it’s just before the those invokes, can you please send us the xaml?
or another picture where you show the assing activity, please.


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Hi @ Abdulbasheer,

this is your problem:

Your variable I must me type int not generic

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now i given

int but again error is coming in add data row

Ok but now it telling you that you have nothing to add data row or your string is empty

dis you imported and edited your in and out arguments well, please check

Hi @bhashi,

Type of ‘i’ should be ‘integer’ and as you ‘Assign’ ‘i=i+1’ before assigning a default value of ‘i’, I think that’s why the error occurs. You can assign a value of ‘i’, i.e., ‘i’ should be declared before assigning.

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