I have 2 excel with same headers

I have 2 excel with same headers now i want to write the data of the excel 2 to excel 1 but excel 2 headers should not be written again in excel 1
How do i do it

read 2 excels files and pass the datable2 to the destination Datatable1

use merge datatable activity


Read Range both into separate datatables. Merge Data Table. Append/Write Range to new Excel file.

If you really need to write directly to the existing Excel 1 file, then Read Range Excel 2 into a datatable then Append Range to Excel 1 but uncheck the add headers box.

Hey @Girid ,

Read both excel and then use a merge datatable activity
Make sure that the property MissingSchemaAction: Add


Hope it helps you !

Can you tell me more about merge activity

Hey @Girid Please refer below website

Also please refer below video

Hope it helps you!

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Thank you for the references


yes merge datatable activity contains to fileds source and destination

if both the tables have same columns then this activity makes the data below the destination Datatable,


for better understanding refer this


If you just go to Google and type in UiPath plus the activity name, you’ll find lots of information including links to the UiPath documentation about the activity.

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