I got error when using "Compress files"


I had a problem when I used the activity “compress files” in my project.
The activity works normally in my dev environment, but when I publish and install it in another environment, I got the error message below from the Assistant.

Method not found: ‘Void ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Zip.Compression.Streams.DeflaterOutputStream.set_Password(System.String)’. at UiPath.Activities.System.Compression.Zip.ZipCreator, …etc.

Does anyone experience this before or any idea to solve this issue?



Can you share the screenshot of the error with the activity properties?


Here’s the screenshot.

Hey @opas1216

Can you please try to upgrade the system package from manage package. Give it a try.



As @shreyash_shirbhate suggested, try updating the package or you can degrade if previously working


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