I can't cover one exception from Excel Application Scope

Hi everyone, Each time i try to open my Excel sheet with a password i want to know if it’s correct or wrong so i can send an email to myself. But when i put a wrong password it didn’t throw anything and it kept me waiting for 15 minutes then end the process. Can anyone help me ?

Hi @Tu_n_Nguy_n ,

Are you using a Try Catch Activity ?

If you are using a Try Catch Activity, maybe the Catch block doesn’t have Activities and Hence it does not give/Throw out Errors.

But if a Try Catch is Not used at all, then we would like to know what are the Other Activities being used.


Did you try with workbook Read Range

Hope this may help you


Yes and it doesn’t work. it kept me wait for a long time then end the process

Thanks you but it doesn’t solve my problem. i just want to know if the password is correct or not

Hi @Tu_n_Nguy_n

Can you please place the Activities that you want execute if the password is wrong in “Catch” Block of the Try catch Activity.


I used try-catch already but it doesn’t work. It didn’t throw anything when I used the try-catch activity. The point is I want it to throw an error so I can know whether the code is wrong or not. When I use try-catch and I paste a wrong password it doesn’t throw anything. it just like 15 minutes waiting then terminate the code.

@Tu_n_Nguy_n ,

It seems to be Strange, Could you let us know what is the Version of UiPath.Excel.Activities being used ?

Hi @Tu_n_Nguy_n

If you Debug the process that should throw an error , if you run the process it wont throw any error.

and If you want to throw an error explicitly use “Throw” activity.


@Tu_n_Nguy_n Did you check by keeping message box in the catch block just to know the bot is entering into it when it enters wrong password. I want to confirm this since you are saying that it was terminating after 15 min. Most of the cases terminating doesn’t happen directly. If any error occurs the bot enters into catch (if Try catch used) then it terminates

with excel 2.10.4 it did throw an exception


Thank you, guys. It was a UIpath version issue. I fixed it.

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Hi @Tu_n_Nguy_n ,

If the Issue is fixed now. Please do mark the Appropriate Post as the Solution and Close the Topic.

This will help others who have the same issue.

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