I cannot get End transaction time for Queue item in queue from orchestrator


We want to get end transaction time for queue. but we are not able to get the end transaction time. We can see that Start transaction time property is available but end transaction time is not available.

I went through below post. It seems that UiPath was going to incorporate it but not able to see in latest update as well

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Hi @Gaurav_Malhotra

Could you try with the system activity package 20.10 and higher? :slight_smile:


This one looks to be fixed in the latest versions, I’ll mark it as completed :slight_smile:

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By which method it needs to be called?

I am trying with uipath.system.activities package v 21.10.4 but there is no method for end transaction time

At the time, I tested it like so:

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Thanks for the screenshot. So uipath doesn’t have method end transaction time, instead have to you lastprocessed on

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